Residential: Re-wiring

Knob and Tube Wiring

Many old homes still have knob and tube wiring in place – it was used until the mid-1940s, and over 1.5 million Canadian homes were built with this method.  Most people will find that their insurance companies do not want to insure their homes with the knob and tube wiring still in place.  The greatest danger is posed when someone has tried to modify the original system in any way, which has happened in most of the older homes we’ve seen.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, somewhere along the line, most homes with knob and tube wiring have had modifications made that are now fires waiting to happen.  Storm Electric can replace your existing knob and tube system with a modern electrical system.  This kind of job will take – on average – 2 weeks for an entire house, but you will only be without power for approximately 4 hours over the course of the job.  Our aim is to minimize the incisions made into your walls and ceilings, but please be advised that in some cases, it will be necessary.  In this case, we will always ensure that your walls and ceilings are professionally patched when we have finished the re-wiring, so all you will have to do is either re-paint the area yourself, or hire someone to finish it for you.

Aluminium Wiring

Aluminium wiring was used from the late 1960s into the mid-1970s and millions of homes built during this housing boom were wired with aluminium as the price of copper had gone up and aluminium was considered a cheaper alternative.  If your house was built during this time and if you have any of the following possible indicators of aluminium wiring, please call us as soon as possible:

  • face plates that are warm when you touch them
  • outlets or switches that smell of burning plastic
  • non-functioning circuits
  • flickering lights

Please be advised, however, that the absence of these warning signs does not mean you are in the clear.  If you know that your house has aluminium wiring, you should know that these systems have been known to fail without any previous issue, and it would still be in your best interest to replace it with copper wiring.  As with the knob and tube replacement, this type of job usually takes about 2 weeks, during which time the power will be shut off for approximately 4 hours.  Again, you may have some incisions in your walls, which we will do our best to keep to an absolute minimum.  If they are necessary, we will have them professionally patched once the re-wiring is complete so that all you have to take care of is the painting.

Contact us with your particulars using the form on our Contact Us page, and we’ll send an electrician out as soon as possible to assess the work needed and provide you with a free estimate!